RiNo Wrestling



Youth Wrestling Program  (5-7 yrs old)

This introductory class will focus on the basics of wrestling. The participants will learn body control and core skills.

Meets: Tuesday 6-7PM

Sundays @ 2-3PM

Championship Wrestling Level I

Level I wrestling classes focus on fundamental skills, techniques and values necessary to achieve personal goals in the sport of wrestling. Class will focus on basic skills,

sportsmanship, responsibility and respect for youth athletes. For new and returning athletes, there is a strong emphasis on the 7 basic skills, flexibility, strength training, and gymnastics skills to build a solid wrestling base.

Training for athletes in grades 8 and under.

Meets on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday


Championship Wrestling Level II

These classes are lead by World class coaching from 3x Division-I All American and RiNo Owner, Ryan Tobin, former Olympic resident athlete and All-American.  This class places focus on the competitive lifestyle of wrestling and prepares high school wrestlers to be successful at the local, state and national levels.

Coach Tobin provide an intense specialty training and conditioning regimen focused on creating a foundation that will give athletes a competitive advantage once they reach the collegiate and Olympic  levels.

Training for high school level athletes.

Meets Tuesday @ 700pm, Sunday @ 330pm